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Character Bio


Brief Description:

Roko is the main protagonist in Roko’s Bane. His role/journey is to overcome and defeat these demons he has encountered upon arriving in this realm. He will use his katana as his means of defeating his demons. He will use a variety of light and heavy attacks to dispose of his enemies. He will utilize a rolling/dodging technique to avoid incoming damage. He will also use his katana to block attacks which are dealt from weaker foes.


  • Height: 6’0″ (radius = 32, height = 96)
  • Body type: medium build.
  • Age: 36 (middle-aged)
  • Attire: Shoulder armor, gauntlet/cuffs, cuffs . Kimono for torso and leg garments, lacquered chest plates for minor chest protection, leather sandals for footwear.
  • Face: grizzled, scars, scruffy and unshaven, long hair, pony tail, head band.
  • Colors: saturated dark reds, oranges, greens, and blues.
  • Weapon: Samurai katana, always armed, holster located on left hip.


Brief Description:

The Kamaitachi is a humanoid weasel demon which is quick and agile and difficult to attack. Its hands are sickles which it used to damage the player. This enemy is meant to teach the player the blocking mechanic. If it attacks while the player is blocking it will be staggered. It has a melee slash attack which deals light amounts of damage. It has charging attack which it goes into a spiral motion darting at the player to deal extra amounts of damage.


  • Height: 4’6″ (radius = 20, height = 72).
  • Body Type: Nimble agile and lanky
  • Age: Unknown
  • Attire: Shadow like aura
  • Face: Weasel like features
  • Colors: Saturated dark oranges, blues, grays, and purples
  • Weapon: Sickle Hands


Brief Description:

The Baku is a gorilla-like ox faced demon. It walks on his hind legs but is top heavy so leans forward while dragging his arms. This enemy is meant to teach the player the roll/dodge mechanic to avoid being staggered while blocking incoming attacks as well as heavy damage. It has massive arms to deal heavy amounts of damage. It can form its arms together to slam the ground causing a massive strike which deals high amounts of heavy damage. Also it can form its arms together to swipe the area in front of him.


  • Height: 7’5″ (radius = 40, height = 117)
  • Body type: Heavy Built
  • Age: Unknown
  • Attire: Loin cloth
  • Face: Gorrilla body and ox facial features
  • Colors: Saturated dark greens and oranges
  • Weapon: Arms w/ claws


Brief Description:

The Hannya is a Japanese long haired female witch demon. She is shrouded by a demonic aura which she uses as her weapon and as a defensive means. This enemy is used to reinforce the combat skills that the player has developed in previous encounters. She wields a wakizashi as her main weapon. She has a melee attack which deals medium damage and a ranged attack where she uses her aura as a projectile to deal heavy damage.


  • Height: 5’4″ (radius = 28, height 88)
  • Body type: Lean
  • Age: Unknown
  • Attire: Black robe (Shadow aura)
  • Face: Hannya Mask (Actual Face)
  • Colors: Saturated dark blues, grays, oranges, and purples
  • Weapons: Wakizashi

Shadow Samurai:

Brief Description:
The shadow samurai is an evil counterpart of Roko. He is built similarly but is bigger, stronger, and has armor. He is the final challenge the player must face in order to complete the game. He uses Roko’s attacks to deal damage excluding finishers because we offset that by strengthening his light and heavy attacks respectively. Once the boss has reached certain percentages throughout the fight he will charge the player out of an act of desperation.


  • Height: 6’6″
  • Body type: Has heavier build than Roko
  • Age: Unknown
  • Attire: Roko’s attire equipped with armor and a horned helmet
  • Face: Horned helmet covering face
  • Colors: Saturated dark blues, grays, reds, and purples
  • Weapon: Samurai Katana

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