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Quantum Fury will create an Action Adventure video game (Roko’s Bane) based off the Hack N Slash sub genres. The games theme will be an ancient Asian environment, where the player has been trapped away in a shadow prison and must escape. The theme will use saturated colors on the main character Roko and will have de-saturated environments. The final deliverable at the end of the five months will be a complete working video game that demonstrates visually attractive art, real-time rendering, and original student content that satisfies all the of requirements of the Game Requirement Checklist (GRC) supplied by the Final Project facility and staff.

Team members are expected to learn to work well with others, as it is an industry standard.  Furthermore, they should understand the roles and responsibilities of their current positions that are tailored to the video game industry positions and gain five months first-hand experience for their upcoming future careers within a multi-media entertainment industry.


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